Our Story

The story of Apothic Revenue began in 1994 when our founders worked together at MBNA America, a company renowned for its commitment to excellence and community service. With over 40 years of combined experience in the industry, our founders have since helped businesses, municipalities, and organizations uncover hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue. Drawing on their knowledge and expertise, they founded Apothic Revenue to provide tailored solutions for clients seeking to optimize revenue streams and ensure compliance with local taxes and regulations.


Today, Apothic Revenue is a trusted partner for businesses and municipalities of all sizes. We offer businesses a comprehensive database and a range of tailored services to ease the burden of compliance, including researching municipal codes, negotiating voluntary disclosure agreements, and acting as a liaison to ensure compliance with local taxes. For municipalities, we identify gaps in compliance and increase revenue through tailored solutions such as tax code drafting, tax discovery services, and tax audits.


At Apothic Revenue, we build strong relationships with our clients by understanding their unique revenue needs and providing tailored services to help them achieve their goals. Our goal is to save time and resources while helping communities reach their full potential.

Purpose & Values

At Apothic Revenue, our purpose is to help businesses and municipalities optimize their revenue streams and ensure compliance with local taxes and regulations. We believe that compliance is essential for maintaining integrity in business practices and promoting the health and safety of our communities.


Our values are rooted in excellence, integrity, and community service. We take pride in helping businesses thrive through proper tax and license compliance, and are committed to identifying gaps in compliance and increasing revenue through tailored solutions. We are dedicated to upholding the highest standards in all our interactions and believe in giving back to the communities we serve.


One example of our founders’ commitment to serving our community was when it was learned of a small town considering selling off public land to pay off significant debt. A member of our team contacted them to offer assistance. Upon conducting a thorough review of all municipal codes and sources of revenue, we determined that not all sources of fee revenue were being billed. The town could pay off its debt by collecting these additional fees while retaining its public land.


At Apothic Revenue, we are dedicated to making a positive impact through our work and helping communities reach their full potential.

Our Approach

Our approach lies in offering customized solutions to assist businesses and municipalities in enhancing their revenue, reducing expenses, and guaranteeing compliance with state and local tax regulations. As the United States has almost 30 million small businesses, we recognize the challenges of achieving compliance, and our aim is to alleviate the tax and compliance burdens of our clients. By developing a thorough understanding of our clients’ revenue requirements, we endeavor to establish strong partnerships with them by providing tailored services to assist them in reaching their objectives.

Business Services

We provide a range of essential services to businesses, including tax and license compliance, revenue optimization, collection services, and grant management. 

Municipal Services

For municipalities, we provide services such as tax code drafting, tax discovery, and tax audits to identify gaps in compliance and increase revenue.

Proud Members of the Middletown Area
Chamber of Commerce